50 ‘Things We Want’ This Week — All Of This Week’s Best Gear For Guys

best gear guide for men weekly things we want

How are we doing today, gentlemen? With another week of hard work in the books, it is now time to treat ourselves to some retail therapy. That’s why I spend hours upon hours each week putting together the ‘Things We Want‘ gear guide for men, so you can buy the best.

This way you have direct access to the hottest gear for men. If you’ve been reading the ‘Things We Want’ for yours then you’ll notice the new look design which is meant to fit more with the style of my daily Everyday Carry Essentials features. If you know of a product that you think should be featured in my weekly Gear Guide then feel free to hit me up via email at cass@brobible.com.

FOURLAPS Athletic Apparel

Fourlaps Athletic Apparel

I’ve been loving Fourlaps workout apparel for about a year now and I know I’ve shared them with you gentlemen in the past but I wanted to bump them up again real quick today for everyone at home looking to stay in shape during such an odd time in life. I’ve pulled three of my favorite items here, the Bolt Short 7″, Propel Windbreaker, and the all-new Level Half Zip.

Each of these items is built for warming up, working out, and cooling down. Or, if you’r elike me, you can put on these shorts first thing in the morning and wear them all day until you workout in the evening because that’s pretty much been my schedule over the past few weeks.

[1] Bolt Short 7″ [$68]

[2] Propel Windbreaker [$128]

[3] Level Half Zip [$98]



Mancan Wine Red Wine Review

It’s an uncertain time for the entire world right now, with all of us (hopefully) practicing social distancing by isolating ourselves to stop this pandemic from spreading. That means lots of free time sitting around and binge-watching TV shows and movies while still trying to FaceTime with friends and family.

While that’s a great way to keep yourself busy and entertained, there’s just one problem: What do you toast during a makeshift Happy Hour? Since we’re classy AF, our choice is MANCAN wine, which is the better way to smash some delicious vino in the comfort of your own home right now.

Use the code BROBIBLE30 for 30% off the entire order


New YETI Essentials For Spring/Summer

things we want


For Spring/Summer 2020, YETI Coolers is loading up on some SICK new gear for the public. They’re rolling out new colors of their colsters (coral, chartreuse and pacific blue) as well as a tall boy, slim, and an updated can colster. The new YETI Trailhead Camp Chair is easily the best tailgating chair on the market and their new rambler bottle sling is CLUTCH.


6 Best Replenishing Moisturizers For Guys

best skin moisturizers for men dry hands skin treatment

The Also Organics 500 MG CBD Hand Lotion is a product I’ve been using every night and will 100% vouch for. I’m pretty skeptical of most CBD companies because there are just so so sooo many out there right now but I could not be happier with the results I’ve seen recently from Also Organics. I’ve used this 500mg CBD Hand Lotion that’s made in the USA along with their Gummies, topical Sports Salve, and Skin Balm. I had some irritation on my nose from a face mask over the weekend that my wife talked me into and the Skin Balm cleared it up overnight. It was wild and my eyes were opened. So check this one out for sure. The gummies have also been helping me sleep.

[1] Buckler’s Replenishing Hand & Body Moisturizer [$34]

[2] MANTL Age Defense Moisturizer [$25]

[3] Also Organics 500 MG CBD Hand Lotion [$99]

[4] The Nue Co. Skin Hydrator [$45]

[5] Buckler’s Chapped Skin Remedy [$22]

[6] ASYSTEM Performance Skincare [$55]

Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses

Oakley Frogz Collection


These Oakley Frogskins shades are straight-up fresh. They’ve got the Frogskins 35th Anniversary models, Origins Collection, Mix, Lite, Crystalline, and the straight Frogskins line amongst a few others. These are lightweight shades so you’ll never get a headache and they all come in an array of colors and frame options. For real, check these out because you’re bound to find your new favorite pair of shades in the Frogskins collection.


Gear For Living Your Best Life

truly the best every day carry gear for men

Here we check out the all-new Khaki Jean from Revtown which is a stylish and versatile take on their ‘Sharp Fit’. These slim-cut jeans are infused with a stretch to ensure you have a full range of movement that’s ideal for wearing every day to work, the bar, or when traveling. It’s like they’ve cracked the code on how to combine khakis and jeans into one super product that I’m at least 50% convinced was designed specifically for me.

[1] Oakley Frogskins Origins Collection [$136]

[2] Malibu Latigo Sandals [$175]

[3] Relwen Windsurf Shawl (Sale) [$125]

[4] The Khaki Jean by Revtown [$79]

[5] Penguin CBD Gummies [$45]

[6] Triwa Hu39-L Watch (Sale) [$200]

[7] Patagonia Waterfarer Cap [$39]

[8] Benchmade Bugout Serrated Knife (Sale) [$119]

[9] Trekker Space Pen [$40]

[10] Jaybird Tarah Pro Headphones [$160]

Uprading Your Daily Essentials

premium everyday carry essential upgrades

[1] Oakley Frogskins 35th Anniversary Shades [$156]

[2] Linden Sneaker by Shoe the Bear [$123]

[3] Highly Clutch Turquoise Tri-Blend Tee [$15]

[4] Relwen Military Roll-Up Pants [$198]

[5] Deejo Knives Pocket Knife w/ Custom Blade Tattoo [$70]

[6] Szanto Roland Sands Icon Signature Watch [$190]

[7] Journeyman Card Wallet [$60]

[8] Tactica M.100 – 17-in-1 Multi-Tool [$27]

[9] Rustico Leather Bullet Journaling Notebook [$45]

[10] Purist Collective Mover 18oz – Union Top [$50]

Save Some Money: These Are On Sale Right Now

best everyday carry gear sales right now

Saving some money is something we can all go for right now so for this hand-picked collection of 2020’s best everyday carry gear I’ve chosen exclusively items that are on sale. All of this everyday carry gear is discounted. You can shop the full collection by following any of the links below or pick and choose your favorites as you scroll below!

[1] Lightwell Field Watch MKII [$124, Usually $250]

[2] Astorflex Greenflex Boots [$106, Usually $165]

[3] Supima Air Knit V-neck Tee [$19, Usually $29]

[4] Flint and Tinder 365 Pant [$77, Usually $98]

[5] Tanner Goods Journeyman Card Wallet [$44, Usually $65]

[6] Tactica M.100 – 17-in-1 Multi-Tool [$27, Usually $40]

[7] Astronaut Space Pen in Chrome [$41, Usually $60]

[8] Stanley Classic Flask [$16, Usually $25]

[9] Deejo Knives Pocket Knife w/ Custom Blade Tattoo [$70]

[10] Raen Optics Wiley [$101, Usually $135]

Essentials For Chilling Out

best every day carry items for chilling

This 2 Pack of Cigars (Classic) comes with a mild but flavorful set of stogies along with matches and a cigar cutter. I’ve ordered this and loved it. Chilling on the porch right now and burning one down is a welcome distraction.

[1] Oakley Frogskins Mix [$176]

[2] SeaVees Legend Sneaker CIMWI [$80]

[3] Mollusk Salmon Shirt [$35]

[4] The Khaki by Revtown USA Jeans [$79]

[5] Momentum Watches Smokejumper [$215]

[6] Leatherman FREE K4 [$90]

[7] Underhill Natural Deodorant [$15]

[8] 2 Pack of Cigars – Classic [$30]

[9] Kinto’s To Go Tumbler [$37]

[10] The Ridge Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip [$75]

Limited-Edition White Truffle-Infused Hot Sauce

Truff White Truffle Hot Sauce Limited Edition

I’ve been riding the TRUFF Train for years now, long before Oprah threw them in her holiday gift guide and the business exploded. This is one of the most delicious hot sauces I’ve ever come across and if you haven’t taken the plunge yet then today’s the day you should treat yourself to their limited-edition White Truffle-Infused Hot Sauce. I personally love this hot sauce on eggs, chicken, rice, and burritos but you should 100% experiment with putting it on anything and everything.


Huckberry’s Huge Spring Flash Sale

Huckberry Spring Flash Sale items

You can check out the full Huckberry Flash Sale here. It includes up to 25% off on Polos, up to 25% off on Lightweight Jackets, up to 25% off the Proof Nomad Pants, up to 30% off on Sunski Sunglasses, up to 35% off on Sneakers, and a TON of savings on button-downs.

[1] Faherty Brand Beach Twill Shirt [Buy Here]

[2] Arc’teryx Eris Polo [Buy Here]

[3] Sunski Avilas [Buy Here]

[4] Flint and Tinder Vintage Overdye Jeans [Buy Here]

[5] Fjällräven High Coast Lite Jacket [Buy Here]

[6] Shoe the Bear Linden Sneaker [Buy Here]

Adventure Photography Pro Digital Workshop

Alex Strohl Adventure Photography Pro Digital Workshop

Huckberry / Alex Strohl

This Adventure Photograph Pro Digital Workshop from National Geographic photographer Alex Strohl is currently half off over at Huckberry. Strohl’s photos have been featured in Vanity Fair, Forbes, and NatGeo as well as other world-renowned outlets.


4 CBD Products To Treat Common Problems: Hangovers, Recovery, Sleep, Energy

best CBD products hangovers recovery sleep and energy

I wanted to throw some of the Best CBD products available on your radar today so I figured I’d include four of them and each with a different focus. First up is the Sunday Scaries Dynamic Duo which includes one bottle of gummies and one bottle of their Vegan AF formula and this is one of the best CBD treatments for hangovers out there today. Second, we see the Nanocraft CBD CBD Pain Salve Stick which is one of the top CBD products for recovery. In this instance, that’s referring to pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and appetite-regulating properties. Check it out!

On the bottom row, we’ve got the Honey Oil CBD Capsules 25mg 10 Pack which are one of the best CBD Sleep treatments you can find anywhere and they’re absolutely delicious. Check these out and thank me later. Lastly, we see the Rebel Morning Boost Formula (1000mg) which are a CBD treatment for boosting energy throughout the day by strengthening the parts of your body (cells) that are dragging you down. Give it a look!

[1] Sunday Scaries Dynamic Duo (2 Bottle Combo) [$71]

[2] Nanocraft CBD CBD Pain Salve Stick (500mg) [$64]

[3] Honey Oil CBD Capsules 25mg 10 Pack [$19]

[4] Rebel Morning Boost Formula (1000mg) [$95]

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