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Bravo Sierra Is Making Military-Grade Soap, Deodorant, And Body Wash For Your Active Lifestyle

Bravo Sierra Is Making Military-Grade Soap, Deodorant, And Body Wash For Your Active Lifestyle

Fellas, whether you’d like to admit it or not, having a solid grooming routine can make the world of a difference in helping you feel confident, clean, and ready to take on the day!

Seriously, it’s time to move on from that generic brand you picked up back in college. But that’s not to say you need an extensive personal care routine with a million different products. It’s really just not necessary and your wallet surely won’t appreciate it.

But finding a quality brand that’s affordable and trustworthy from the endless options available is no easy task. Thankfully, we’ve found one for you!

BRAVO SIERRA is the only personal care company built with and for the U.S. Military to meet the needs of ALL of those who lead active lives. Delivering high-performance, American-made personal care products, BRAVO SIERRA can help you effectively and affordably upgrade your grooming routine.

From sulfate-free body washes to all-day deodorants, all BRAVO SIERRA products are field-tested by a community of over 1,000 active-duty U.S. military service members. Because if it’s good enough for them, well it’s definitely good enough for the rest of us! With plenty of military-grade products to handle whatever your active lifestyle calls for, start taking your personal care routine up a notch by checking out what BRAVO SIERRA has to offer.

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BRAVO SIERRA Citrus & Cedarwood

A Commitment to Military Service Members

Supporting service members is at the core of everything BRAVO SIERRA does.

Beyond just working to make products for and with military service members—40% of the founding team and 30% of the existing team are veterans—the brand makes a concerted effort to give back.

BRAVO SIERRA donates 5% of their sales to the M.W.R (Morale, Welfare and Recreation), which offers quality of life programs dedicated to the well-being of U.S. service members, veterans and their families.

On top of that, the brand consistently donates cash and product-in-kind to U.S.Os around the country. So by trusting your personal care routine to BRAVO SIERRA, you’ll not only be taking the proper steps to stay clean and fresh, but you’ll also be supporting our military service members. It just makes supporting the brand that much easier!

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Upon hearing that BRAVO SIERRA was using clean ingredients (Vegan & Cruelty-Free) to create high-performance personal care products AND supporting our troops while doing it, I was all in.

With the brand kindly sending me a box filled with their personal care products—including body washes, cleansers, deodorants, body sprays, and body wipes—I was able to try them all out for myself!

Sulfate-Free Body Wash

Sulfate Free Body Wash

The newest addition to BRAVO SIERRA’s personal care product lineup, the Sulfate-Free Body Wash sports itself as a high-performance shower gel that won’t dry your skin. So it’s no wonder that this coconut-based body wash is perfect for those who shower more than once a day. Available in two invigorating scents—White Vetiver & Cedarwood and Citrus & Cedarwood—I was able to try out both!

Hopping into the shower, I really didn’t need to dispense much of the clear gel-to-foam formulation in order to lather away. It rises easily for a deep clean that’s sudsy and nourishing. Best of all, never once did I feel like there was any leftover residue on my skin.

In comparing the two different scents, both impressed. As the original designer scent that made BRAVO SIERRA a hit, I’d describe the woodsy notes of White Vetiver & Cedarwood as the milder of the two. Although, if I had to pick a favorite, I’m currently leaning towards the Citrus & Cedarwood. Filling my shower with a scent I couldn’t get enough of, I think U.S. National Guard member Chad describes it best:

“This scent makes me feel like wrestling a bear and then inviting him over to smoke cigars and drink scotch. May even have turned my wife on.”

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Aluminum-Free And Baking Soda-Free Deodorant

BRAVO SIERRA deodorant - open/closed

I sweat a lot and living in Sunny California sure doesn’t help. So out of all the BRAVO SIERRA products I received, I was most excited to try out their deodorant.

Promising hard-working, all-day odor & sweat protection, BRAVO SIERRA sure delivered! I’m all too familiar with having to reapply lackluster deodorants throughout the day. And thankfully, that wasn’t the case with BRAVO SIERRA. Gliding on with ease, I swiped it on once in the morning and smelt great the entire day. Better yet, not once did I end up with sweaty pits.

deodorant scents

I also liked the range in scents that BRAVO SIERRA provides for their deodorants, with 5 in total: Original, Citrus & Cedarwood, Sandalwood & Fig, Tonka Bean & Lemon, and Unscented. I tried out 4 of them, skipping the unscented one. While the Original and Citrus & Cedarwood stayed true to their impressive body wash counterparts, I had a new favorite scent in the Tonka Bean & Lemon. It offered a light, warm fragrance with strong notes of vanilla and subtle hints of lemon. Meanwhile, the Sandalwood & Fig grew on me over time with its unique scent that I could only describe as rich and woodsy, but also sweet and fruity.

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Hair & Body Solid Cleanser

BRAVO SIERRA Hair & Body Solid Cleansers

Also known as the anti-soap bar, this is BRAVO SIERRA’s all-in-one cleanser for hair, face, and body! As someone who’s used separate products for hair and body all my life, I was skeptical as to whether one bar could do it all. But after a few showers with the solid cleanser, it was quite clear the brand knows what they’re doing.

Enriched with coconut, shea butter and oat flour, it lathers up nicely and left me feeling softer. And given I had only used gel shampoos up to this point, I was quite impressed by how well the cleanser washed my hair. Since the Hair & Body Solid Cleanser is available in all 5 scents,  you can probably guess I spent most of my showers lathering myself in the Tonka Bean & Lemon scent.

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Deodorant Body Spray

BRAVO SIERRA Deodorant Body Spray

I don’t often find myself using body sprays. However, after trying out BRAVO SIERRA’s deodorant body spray, I’m sure going to. It’s body spray recreated, performing like deodorant and smelling like fine fragrance.

I spent most days rocking the Tonka Bean & Lemon scent, which got me quite a few compliments. Although, it was nice to be able to switch up and use the Sandalwood & Fig scent every so often. And I can say that these really do last all day. Thanks to the plant-derived odor neutralizing technology, I never felt the need to reapply. But if you do find yourself needing to freshen up while out, the deodorant body spray is also designed with a smart-lock cap, perfect for taking on the go.

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Antibacterial Body Wipes

Antibacterial Body Wipes

While I’d certainly prefer to lather myself with a Hair & Body Solid Cleanser in the comfort of a shower, surrounded by aromas of Citrus & Cedarwood, sometimes that just isn’t an option with an active lifestyle.

Well, BRAVO SIERRA has you covered there too with the ultimate on-the-go solution. Made using extra-thick material, these Antibacterial Body Wipes are designed to cleanse and remove body odor from head-to-toe. That’s 10 individually wrapped wipes that kill 99.99% of germs. That said, they were very soothing and refreshing when wiping against my skin. And I’ll definitely be taking them on my next long-haul flight or camping trip.

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