This Hawaiian Shirt Should Be Your ‘Go To’ Look For The Rest Of The Summer

Here’s the odd thing about Hawaiian shirts — you never know when you’ll need one until you need one. Seriously.

At least once a month, especially in the summer, I think “man it would rule to wear a Hawaiian shirt to this bar, dinner, barbecue, bachelor party, funeral, first communion, divorce proceeding” but I don’t currently own a single Hawaiian shirt.

Until today. Until I stumbled upon this gorgeous collection of threads. Are those dolphins about to attack that cruise ship? Why is there a sailboat on the back? Am I supposed to wear this and aspire to taking a cruise or owning a yacht? What the fuck did the cruise ship do to those dolphins to make them so angry?!!? This shirt is what happens when you drop too much acid on a Carnival Cruise.

The best part of all this (beside angry mammals) is the price. It’s on sale today!

This will be your go to Hawaiian shirt for every occasion. You might never take it off. In that case it WOULD be great for a funeral. Yours.

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