Get to Know Your Furry Best Friend with a Dog DNA Test Kit

Dog DNA Test Kit

Dogs are man’s best friend. That much has been true for millennia. Since our relationship started—sitting around fires, trading food for warning of what might be lurking in the shadows—a lot has changed. As humans, we no longer need dogs around to warn us of danger or to help us hunt other animals. Now we need them around, well, just because we’ve gotten so used to their company!

We love dogs, and they love us back. In fact, so innate is the bond between us and our canine counterparts that just seeing a cute dog on the street is enough to bring a visceral joy to most passersby. They can even tell when we’re lying. But how well do we really know our best friend? Well, that’s what dog DNA testing is all about. 

DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test is an at-home, easy-to-use DNA test kit that allows owners to truly get to know their furry friends in a way they could never tell you. The kit is fast, convenient, painless, and best of all is currently on sale for only $50, down from $79. That’s a savings of 36 percent. 

DNA My Dog Breed Identification Kit works similarly to how human DNA testing kits work. Once you receive the package simply swab the inside of your dog’s cheek (super easy and noninvasive), send it back to the lab, and wait about two weeks. That’s all. After a short time, owners will receive a wealth of information about their furry friend. You’ll learn the specifics of their breed, of course, but you’ll also discover auxiliary information like genetic precursors for unique personality traits as well as genetic health concerns and risks for certain diseases. 

If your dog brightens your day, the least you could do is get to know them in a way that they would surely want to tell you if they could. With the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test you can, and it’s on sale now for just $50.

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