Dr. Squatch’s Best-Selling Pine Tar Scent Is Now Available In A Deodorant

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Finding an all natural deodorant that smells great and is actually good for your skin probably isn’t something that tops the list of most guys. Unfortunately, most dudes just head to the grocery store and toss in the cheapest option, ignoring the ingredients and not really caring much about how it smells or the protection it gives your underarms.

But, c’mon, you’re no longer in middle school, so it’s time to up your game and discover the difference that Dr. Squatch can bring, which offers the the best deodorant for guys with their unique scents and unbelievable protection. In their own words, “give B.O. the boot.”

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Armed with a bunch of solid deodorants to choose from, Dr. Squatch decided to give the people what they want: Their best-selling Pine Tar scent, which is available as a deodorant starting April 8. It means you can smell rugged, but fresh. Outdoorsy, but clean. Gritty, yet sophisticated.

While Dr. Squatch’s Pine Tar deodorant blesses you with its all-natural aromas, it also packs a helluva lot of protection from sweat, too, using the best ingredients that your body actually likes. Take a look below at the product description to see for yourself.

Dr. Squatch’s Pine Tar Deodorant

  • Charcoal Powder. This ingredient is usually sourced from the husk of plants, helping to cleanse away microparticles such as dirt, dust, and toxins. It also acts as a natural deodorizer in our deodorant formula
  • Arrowroot Powder. A plant derived ingredient used to absorb odor and sweat in our deodorant formula
  • Probiotic. Combats bad odor by providing balance to your armpit’s natural microbiome.

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For those guys who love a good deal, Dr. Squatch also offers a Deodorant 3-Pack, which brings some savings when bundling scents together. So, in addition to grabbing the Pine Tar option, you can choose between Alpine Sage, Bay Rum, Birchwood Breeze and Fresh Falls, allowing you to stock up for the next few months.

It’s time to switch to all-natural deodorant and see the benefits it brings you. It’s time to be confident in the way you smell each day. It’s time to give your skin the good stuff it needs. And it’s time to “squatch” underarm odor once and for all with Dr. Squatch.

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