Tesla’s Biggest Competitor Just Unveiled Their First Concept, And This 1,000HP Electric Car Is Oddly Arousing


Faraday Future

Faraday Future is a secretive auto maker based out of California, they are Tesla Motors biggest competitor (supposedly), and they’ve just unveiled their first concept car. The FFZero1 is the moniker Faraday Future has given their new super car, a vehicle that looks like a cross between the 1960s Batmobile and a modern day fighter jet. The FFZero1 boasts 1,000 horsepower and is expected to go on sale within the next two years, it was unveiled yesterday at CES Las Vegas. Here’s what this absolute beast of a machine looks like now that they’ve unveiled it to the world:


Faraday Future

And now for the videos:

aaaaand here’s the 360 degree view of the FFZero1, Faraday Future’s Super Car competitor that’s seeking to blow Tesla Motors out of the water:

Some more pics:


Faraday Future


Faraday Future

Here’s what CNN Money has to say about the unveiling of this car:

The FFZero1 concept is a sleek single-seat all-electric sports car that could, according to Faraday, produce as much as 1,000 horsepower. The car itself offers little clue as to what Faraday’s first production car will look like. That car, which should go on sale in two years, is expected to be more conservative and practical than the exotic looking FFZero1.
But this concept car does offer a look at how Faraday plans to engineer its cars. The FFZero1 is based on a flexible chassis that can be made longer or shorter to include a varying number of battery packs (and thus different sized cars). The chassis is designed to accept from one to four electric motors, creating cars that are two-wheel or four-wheel drive. Internal combustion engines can also be added to create “extended range” cars, similar to General Motors (GM)’ Chevrolet Volt.
“You don’t have to sacrifice anything for being sustainable,” said Richard Kim, head of design for Faraday Future. “This is a 100% sustainable, electric, non-polluting vehicle, and it can be as dynamic as 1,000 horsepower.”

I’ve yet to own an electric car, and while I’m not opposed to owning one for any reason (not obsessed with gas or anything), I’ve just never thought I’d own one up until now. If this is what the future of sports cars looks like then I’ll remain hopeful that if I ever make enough money in life to own a badass car there’s actually a chance it might be an electric car. For more info on this unveiling be sure to follow the link above on over to CNN Money.

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