Have You Ever Wanted To Make Your Truck Look Like A Mustang? Now You Can With This Ford F-150 Fastback Bed Cap

Have you ever dreamed of wanting to make your pickup truck look like a Mustang? Well, boy oh boy are you in luck because a new truck bed cap for your Ford F-150 transforms the back of your pickup to one that appears like a Ford Mustang, complete with window louvres and everything.

Michigan Vehicle Solutions (MVS) created the Aero X, a sloping triangular bed cap that gives your pickup a fresh fastback sloping appearance that looks like it is straight out of 1986.

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Instead of a boring old rectangle bed cap, the Aero X gives your Ford F-150 a sporty look. But the 260-pound cap isn’t just for aesthetics. MVS says their bed cap makes the F-150 pickup truck more aerodynamic and thus more efficient on fuel. The single-piece fiberglass cap with high-quality OEM paint features integrated louvers that provide sun protection without hindering visibility, LED interior dome light, integrated third brake light, gas struts for easy opening and closing, key-operated lock, and a fixed front slider window.

MVS offers a rear spoiler to make your truck even more like a sports car or add a built-in speaker system for the perfect tailgate. The Aero X is available for Ford F-150 trucks from 2015 to current models with 5.5-foot and 6.5-foot beds.

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In the future, Michigan Vehicle Solutions plans to roll out caps for more Ford trucks as well as ones for Chevy, Ram, Toyota, and Nissan models. Prices start at $3,995. This is seemingly the direction that trucks are going in since SUVs are so insanely popular, but people want the performance of pickup trucks. What are your thoughts on this bed cap?

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