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GNC AMP Sustained Protein Bars

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Summer’s coming to an end and the lazy days sprawled out over the couch aren’t as frequent anymore. With my schedule picking up, there’s less time for watching TV, sleeping in, and even working out. And forget about making myself a healthy meal after working out, when I can barely lift my arms.

Sometimes, I don’t even have the time to step in the kitchen and just break the bank ordering delivery. But thankfully, GNC now has Sustained Protein Bars.

When I’ve got no time to stop and mix protein powder, I can rely on GNC AMP Sustained Protein Bars to ensure I’m getting the most out of my workout, even after I’m out of the gym. Summer might be coming to an end, but that’s no excuse to dump the summer bod. And with GNC’s new protein bars, preparing for next summer is easy.


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GNC AMP Sustained Protein Bar

Protein powder can be tricky and time-consuming, especially when you’ve got to be on the go. That’s why GNC has expanded their Sustained Protein Blend assortment with the GNC AMP Sustained Protein Bars. Offering 7 hours for ongoing longer-lasting muscle support, these bars are the perfect, on-the-go option.

Not to mention, they also actually taste good. With the delicious flavor options of Cinnamon Toast, Fruity Crisps, and Peanut Butter Puffs, the benefits of the protein blend are an added bonus. Just squeezed in an early morning or midday workout and need a quick bar to rejuvenate yourself before heading to your next meeting? Well, GNC AMP Sustained Protein Bars provide an excellent easy-to-consume solution.


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GNC Protein Bar - Single


An ultra-premium blend of 4 high-quality proteins sources makes up the bars.

Packing in 25g of protein and 240 calories or less, GNC AMP Sustained Protein Bars are the perfect option when you’ve got a busy schedule. Plus, they’re Gluten-free and certified banned substance-free.


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