GNC Introduces Beyond Raw New Burn MF Pill And Stim Powder For Intense Energy And Focus

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I’ve got a sad little secret for you all of you guys out there: Getting older can really impact the amount of energy and focus you have throughout the day. Instead of being alive with excitement to tackle a workout, you may find yourself a little sluggish as you head to the gym.

But life doesn’t have to be that way, because GNC’s leading performance brand, Beyond Raw, is now introducing New Burn MF, which is a caffeine blend for rapid and targeted energy, helping you reach optimal physique and supporting mental focus. And it’s all clinically dosed to make sure you get the exact, consistent amount each time.

So if increasing energy throughout the day is something you’re looking to do — aren’t we all? — this is the stuff for you. More Focus. More Fuel. More Fire.


GNC Review

The go-to name for fitness supplements, GNC‘s mission is to motivate and support the desire to live well. Since 1935, the fitness brand has innovated technology and stayed ahead of the class when it comes to personalization and convenience. So whether you’re a pro athlete or an Average Joe just starting to focus on your health, GNC has cutting-edge products that fit your wellness needs.


Beyond Raw® Burn MF™ Metabolic Activator Sticks

  • Thermo activator
  • Energy & focus
  • 300 mg Caffeine
  • 320 mg Synapsa®
  • 33 mg Capsimax®
  • 25 mg Dynamine


Beyond Raw® Burn MF™ Metabolic Activator

  • Metabolic formula®
  • Supplies 300 mg caffeine, 33g Capsimax® & 25 mg Dyamine™
  • Thermo activator + energy* & focus*
  • Gluten free, sugar free


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