Buy And Gift Cigars Easily With These Cool Sealed Kits

Good Cigar Co.

Good Cigar Co. has a unique way of selling cigars. They come in a slim pack where the cigars inside are perfectly sealed to 69% humidity before shipping out.

Good Cigar Co.

Inside are two sticks, a cutter, matches, and a pamphlet on tasting notes. You can choose from two different flavors: medium and full-bodied.

For the more casual cigar smoker, we light the medium. It’s got a Cuban-esque taste, thanks to the use of Cuban-seed tobacco throughout the cigar, providing a rich and smooth taste.

Good Cigar Co.

You can get these packs from Good Cigar Co. for a cool $25, and if you ask us, they’re perfect for celebrating big events or for gifting to friends.

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