How Easy Is It To Destroy The New Apple Watch? Let’s Find Out

apple watch how tough

YouTube - CNET

As is always the case anytime new technology like a tablet or phone hits the market someone out there has to see how much of a beating it can take. So naturally with the introduction of the Apple Watch a few days ago the folks over at CNET had to see whether or not it could take a licking and keep on uh, processing.

And they didn’t just drop the Apple Watch a few times to see if it would break. Oh no. Though they did do that, they also put the watch through WAY more than just a simple drop test. They washed dishes with it, submerged it in a pot of water for 10 minutes, used a cheese grater on it, tried to slice and dice it, drowned it in wine and maple syrup and so much more.

So how did it do? Pretty amazing, actually. The video’s host even stomped on it a few times. But then came the seven-pound iron skillet…

All that brutal testing aside, it still looks like the Apple Watch is a bit more delicate that your average timepiece according to these pics posted by Mashable.

In a sort-of-related video Blendtec does what they pretty much do to everything else in the world and ask the question, “Will the Apple Watch blend?” (What do you think?)

And in an unrelated-related video Casey Neistat teaches us how to make our Apple Watch gold so we can look like we’re a celebrity too. Because really, isn’t that what life is all about?

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