This Jerky Company With A Provocative Name Is Changing The Jerky Game

You probably read this headline and thought you were about to read a story about yankin’ it. Certainly, I have some skills in this arena. I’m a veteran and have long-believed the two biggest liars in the world are those who say they don’t and those who say they quit.  Alas, this is not a *that* kind of article. I apologize for disappointing you. Instead, this is a brand article (cue: limpness).

After all, I am a brand guy. And I hate – I hate – boring brands. I’m attracted to brands that invest in truly unique branding, marketing and creative. This eliminates pretty much all bank advertising because it’s all the same.

But there are brands out there that are brave, willing to stand out and bust through the immense cloud of clutter we have all become so accustomed to being surrounded by in this digital age. This passion for unique and brave brands is why I’ve covered stories for BroBible like Amazon securing naming rights on Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle but not using the Amazon brand; the partnership between Budweiser and Shinesty; or the water brand Liquid Death.

Enter a new favorite of mine: Jerk Your Meat. It’s not Peter North’s new spice rub. No, it’s a specialty beef jerky company that’s joined the fray of the hyper-competitive dried meat snacks space.

Launched in 2017 in New York City by Laurent Baud, like most beef jerky products, it is nutritious and great for active lifestyles. Blah, blah, blah.

While the flavor offerings including Red Tan Chick’n Jerky and K-Town Beef Jerky certainly look interesting, I must admit I have not sampled Jerk Your Meat’s meat products yet. I have, however, sampled the brand’s Spicy Pineapple Party offering, which is dehydrated pineapple slices in a lime and cayenne mixture. It’s excellent – tangy sweet and spicy with 4g of sugar per serving. What I do know about Jerk Your Meat is that I love the brand, which leverages imagery tied to Jack Daniels, Miller Highlife and other relics of booze and pop culture. But more than anything, I simply admire the name: It’s eye catching, startling, funny, rude, crude, and if leveraged well has the potential to disrupt the dried meat snacks space and grab significant market share.

So go ahead: Jerk Your Meat. Jerk it anywhere. I dare you.