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The Kronos Air Model 5 Is The Ultimate Air Purifier For Peace And Quiet

The Kronos Air Model 5 Is The Ultimate Air Purifier For Peace And Quiet

Only recently (thanks in part to the pandemic) have we realized that indoor air isn’t always better than what’s outdoors. In fact, it’s oftentimes actually worse.

And as a resident of Los Angeles, this revelation left me reconsidering some things. For five years, I lived under the impression that I could escape the LA smog by heading inside. When in reality, chances were I was actually breathing in worse air by doing so.

So two weeks ago, I took a step towards breathing cleaner indoor air by introducing the Kronos Air Model 5 Air Purifier into my home. And let’s just say, I won’t need another air purifier anytime soon… or maybe even ever again.

Kronos brings a breath of fresh air indoors while easing the burden on the environment and your wallet. Opting for a new filter-less design, the Kronos Air Model 5 delivers powerful high-volume airflow circulation with minimal noise. And there’s no better time to get an air purifier for your home, with Kronos offering BroBible readers automatically applied discounts on all their Air Purifier models.


Kronos Air Model 5 Air Purifier Review

As the mid-size offering in Kronos’ line-up, the Model 5 Air Purifier fits perfectly in just about any home with its sleek, white design. Only occupying 1 sq. ft. of space on the floor with a height just over 2 feet tall, it can easily purify any enclosed space up to 450 sq. ft. And since no home is exactly the same, Kronos offers the Model 3 for smaller spaces and the Model 8 for even larger spaces.

Kronos Air Model 5

From the moment I opened the packaging, the Kronos Air Model 5 couldn’t have been more intuitive. Assembly only required inserting the reusable plate filters, so the air purifier was at work cleaning the air in less than a minute! And within an hour of first turning it on, I witnessed the Air Quality Indicator go from moderately polluted (AQI: 115) to excellent (AQI: 10).

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Modes For Every Occasion

From WiFi pairing capabilities to four wind speed options, the Kronos Air Model 5 has a seemingly endless number of features available to use. But over the past two weeks, I found myself relying on two in particular—Automatic Mode and Sleep Mode.

When you’ve got a busy schedule, constantly changing the wind speed to match the air quality just isn’t feasible. With Automatic Mode, the Model 5 automatically senses the air quality and adjusts its running speed accordingly. If the air quality gets bad, the speed picks up and if it gets better, it slows down—so simple, yet it provides unparalleled convenience.

Kronos Air Quality Indicator

Now you might be wondering, how do you know if the air purifier is actually doing its job?

Thankfully, the Kronos Air Model 5 has an air quality indicator displaying prominently front and center on the screen. So as the Air Quality Index number drops and the LED lights change color, I can see the progress being made in real-time!

Kronos Air Model 5 - Sleep Mode

But once the sun goes down and my pajamas are on, I turn to another one of Kronos’ innovative modes—Sleep Mode! You’ve probably already guessed it, but this mode is meant to clean your air through the night without creating any unnecessary distractions. The Model 5 does so by running at a quieter low-speed mode with all display lights off. And to my surprise, it was way quieter than expected, only giving off the faintest of hums. In fact, my heater that kicked on in the morning was exponentially louder than the Kronos Air Model 5.

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Minimal Noise Without Sacrificing Power

In general, the quietness of all the Model 5’s modes was quite impressive. While the fastest Turbo Mode did generate a fair bit of noise, it was nothing louder than what I’ve experienced with other air purifiers. Even then, I never had it on those high-speed modes for a long enough period for it to become an annoyance. Whereas the low or mid-speed modes work perfectly in the background while you’re watching some TV.

Kronos mode options

But low noise isn’t the only area in which Kronos air purifiers are finding an edge. With 5 stages of air purification, Kronos minimizes air pollutants down to 0.0146 µm—most allergens and bacteria are over 0.3 µm in size and are easily removed by Kronos Air models.

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The Last Air Filter You’ll Ever Buy

Earlier I mentioned that thanks to the Kronos Air Model 5, I may never need another air purifier again! That’s because Kronos uses a new filter-less design with reusable collecting plates.

Air filter replacements can be expensive, especially when you’re replacing them throughout the year, year after year. Not to mention, they’re awful for the environment. With that in mind, Kronos eliminated the need for them. Instead, they opted for an eco-friendly design featuring reusable collecting plates!

Kronos Reusable Collecting Plates

Just handwash the collecting plates when full. And once they’re dry, just insert them right back into the Model 5 to enjoy clean indoor air once again. As someone who prefers paper plates over doing dishes, I can vouch that cleaning the Kronos collecting plates is actually as easy as it seems.

$100 discount automatically applied for BroBible readers

buy the Kronos air Model 5 now

Whether you’re looking for some peace of mind away from the pandemic or live in a city famous for its poor air quality (like me), Kronos Air Air Purifiers will ensure you’re breathing in the cleanest air possible while at home!

The Kronos Air Model 5 is available at a discounted price of $549 with a free 1-year warranty. By opting for these reusable collecting plates over disposable filters, you’ll save hundreds each year for the next decade or so. Putting your health first, while saving you money—now that’s a worthwhile investment.

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