This Lamborghini Pura 2022 Electric Supercar Concept Is The Car Of The Future We Want Right Now

This Pura 2022 Lamborghini electric supercar concept is what the car of the future (aka today) was supposed to look like. We were promised that cars like this would exist today and everyone, not just the ultra-rich would be driving them. They might even have the capability of flight we were told in every movie about the future ever. And we want it NOW.

Granted, of all the carmakers out there, Lamborghini has arguably come the closest to creating the types of futuristic cars we were expecting (especially when someone customizes one even further).

But Brazilian designer Fernando Pastre Fertonani, as he often does based on his portfolio, has created a Lamborghini that is truly like something out of the (hopefully near) future.

Witness his Lamborghini Pura 2022 electric supercar concept…

Fertonani writes about this concept design…

‘Pura’ is an electric supersports car concept, which aims a new surface study inspired by the brand heritage.

Clean, elegant and extreme, this concept it’s brings the iconic and classic Lamborghini, spiced with innovation and sensuality.

The hidden glasses merged with the body paint, can only be seen through from the inside, and create an solid and unique body feeling.

The name ‘Pura’ means ‘Pure’, and it stands for the essence of Lamborghini lines and fellings brought by this concept.

Love it. Now we just need someone at Lamborghini to actually make them.

Check out a few more of his Lamborghini Pura concepts below and dream of what might possibly be some day.

This “Mad Max” Lambo is also pretty darn cool…

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