U.S. Military Base Adds Real-Life Halo Warthog To Their Arsenal (VIDEO)

Col. Chuck Hodges and Col. Anthony Davit, installation commander and deputy installation commander, flaunted a new military vehicle into service at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state. The M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle AKA the Warthog will definitely help the Army, unless someone suddenly hits the “X” button, causing it to flip.

Microsoft lent this real life working model of the infamous Halo combat vehicle to the colonels and I don’t understand how there is not a huge crowd gathering around this iconic video game vehicle. Oh that’s right, not everyone is a gaming nerd like myself.

I never realized how many design flaws the Warthog had until now. There is zero protection for the driver, passenger and the turret gunner. Plus in this model there are gas tanks in the rear that are openly exposed and a mouthwatering target for any sniper.

Maybe even more amazing than the working model of the Warthog is that none of his teammates blew it up before he could drive it.