This SICK Flameless And Rechargeable Lighter Is An Essential For Every Music Festival This Year

It’s okay to admit it—you enjoy a good heater every once in awhile. Especially when you’re boozed up and outside working on your farmer’s tan at whatever summer music festival you manage to make it to. And if there’s one thing that’s always clutch to have stored away in your pocket, it’s a lighter. You know, ’cause you like to bring the fire.

With tons of music festivals going on this summer—trust me, I’m trying to get to them all—an essential item every bro needs is this flameless, rechargeable lighter called the Plazmatic X.

Getting up to 100 lights per battery charge, the Plazmatic X “ignites” with two insane dual heat beams, cranking up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit and is wind-proof, so you won’t need to have one of your shower-averse buddies awkwardly hover over you while trying to light something up.

Absolutely butane and fluid-free, you can be sure that the cleanest heat is providing the fire you need to puff, puff and pass, giving you the confidence to burn with the best of them.

Look, bottom line is this: You smoke as a conversation starter with girls, so why risk being the jackass without the best lighter on the market? Give yourself an even better chance at landing a mosh pit pal during the headliner on the main stage. With the Plazmatic X, your mack game might actually be improved. After all, who doesn’t need an occasional spark?

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