Samsung’s New QLED TVs Can Turn Invisible

by 4 months ago
samsung qled tv


The TV industry is so competitive that it’s not enough to have the state-of-the-art technology or the latest and greatest refresh rates. Samsung has come up with a genius idea to make their televisions standout in the crowded and cutthroat tech industry — make their TVs invisible. And making their televisions nearly invisible isn’t the only aspect of their new 2018 television, the displays can also appear as though they are framed pieces of art.

Samsung’s new TVs feature quantum dot technology, known as QLED televisions that provide better contrast and brightness than LED screens. The new 2018 QLED TV models include the Q9F (65 to 88 inches), Q8F (55 to 75 inches), Q7C (55 to 65 inches), Q7F (55 to 75 inches), and Q6F (49 to 82 inches). This lineup of top-of-the-line TVs boasts enhanced color, HDR10+ compatibility, super slim design, One Remote Control, Smart TV functions, and Direct Full Array (DFA) technology. The televisions also feature the Bixby Voice personal assistant that is currently on Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy S8 and S9. You can use voice commands to the control the television.

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