Screenholder Shower Curtain Will Either Increase Your Productivity Or Take Your Binge Watching Next Level

screenholder shower curtain 2


Taking a shower probably seems like a complete waste of time for those people who pack productivity and efficiency into every second of the day.

Since it’s not the best idea to skip a shower for too long, the tech-obsessed among us must find ways to use smartphones, tablets and other devices in the shower without doing damage to themselves or their gadgets.

For those people, there’s the Screenholder shower curtain.

Watch, play with or listen to your phone or tablet in the shower with this 100% waterproof shower curtain. It features multiple phone and tablet-sized pockets on the outside of the curtain to hold the devices and different height levels so your screen-addicted kids can also get in on the fun.

If this seems like a little too much, maybe just consider the shower notepad.

BUY IT NOW: $24.95

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