Make Sure You NEVER Get A DUI, Carry One Of These Smartphone Breathalyzers

by 3 years ago


Bros, don’t drink and drive. Don’t ever do it. If you’ve been drinking and are above the legal limit (usually .08 BAC) then call an Uber. Call your bros to come get you, your bros will begrudgingly come scoop you if it means you don’t drive drunk. Worst case scenario? Call your ex to come pick you up, as much as you don’t want to see her it’s still better than getting a DUI, hit with $10,000 in legal fees, and putting the lives of everyone on the road in danger. Sooooo when do you know whether or not it’s safe to drive? When you blow into one of the two smartphone breathalyzers below and they tell you that you’re okay to drive.

BACtrack is the leader when it comes to the smartphone breathalyzers, and they’ve been leading the charge for quite some time in smartphone breathalyzer technology. There was a time when they only had one model but these days BACtrack is offering two different options, both of which you should consider buying (you only need one or the other).

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