Keep Your Digits Warm And Never Miss A Text With These Touchscreen Texting Gloves That Cost Less Than A Beer


Soooooo Winter finally has showed up after a whopping two weeks of people moaning about how hot it was, and how El Niño has ruined everything. It’s chilly as fUUUck today in NYC, finally dipping into the upper 20s, and that means it’s time to bust out your gloves for the first time this year.

So what do you do when you discover that the gloves you’ve been using for the past few years are missing, or that they don’t actually work with your new smartphone or tablet? You pick up some new gloves, obviously. I’ve been rocking the same pair of gloves for a few years now and I guess I didn’t realize how f’n affordable it is to scoop up a new pair (HINT: less than the price of a beer out at a bar).

Today we’re running a sale on this extremely affordable pair of smartphone gloves. They’re marked down 32% and they’ll cost you less than $7…Check ’em out before we sell out!

Super Soft Texting Gloves: Swipe, Tap & Stay Toasty with These Warm Touchscreen-Friendly Gloves





Your messages don’t stop when it snows. That’s why you need these texting gloves to stay warm while you stay in touch. They’re comfortable and cozy and one size fits every hand. They’ll work with every kind of smartphone and tablet so you can use your devices on-the-go even when the weather gets chilly.



— Works w/ most smartphones & tablets
— One-size-fits all
— Extra comfortable fit & feel
— Simple color & design matches everything
— Keeps your hands & fingertips warm


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