Smiling Poop Emoji Is Now A Pool Float But Let’s Discuss The Girl Modeling It

Smiling Poop Emoji Raft 1


I don’t even want to talk about the Smiling Poop Emoji pool float. It’s ridiculous and will be purchased by ridiculous people.

I want to talk about the aspiring model in the photo. This could very well be her first, and last, modeling job. If it’s her first, she could go on to an incredibly prolific career and make the jump into acting, Broadway or any number of jobs in the entertainment industry. If that happens, and when her star is the brightest, some internet troll will stumble upon this product and discover Famous Actress = Shit Raft Girl and the world will have a good laugh at her expense.

If she doesn’t go on to massive success, shit raft might very well be the high spot of her modeling career.

I’m really not sure which fate is worse.

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Smiling Poop Emoji Raft 2

Smiling Poop Emoji Raft 3

[via Geekologie]