Winter Is Officially Over, Get Into Spring With Some New Clothes You’ll Love

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spring clothes shopping guide for men

Ribbed Tee

This winter was brutal. But spring entered our lives just in time to keep us from going stir crazy, freezing to death, and losing our will to live. To get in the mood for the warm and breezy season of spring, we’ve rounded up some comfy and stylish clothes you’re guaranteed to like. It’s the reason for the season.

Stantt Essential Button-Up Shirt

You’re used to small, medium, large, extra-large and so on, right? Well, these guys have effective put an end to that with 75 sizes (you read that correctly, sir) produced from an algorithm that takes 200,000 measurements and millions of data points from 3D body scans into consideration. But don’t worry, all you need to provide them with is three measurements for the perfect fitting shirt. GET IT HERE.

SPF Addict Quicksand Shirt

Breathable, eco-friendly, super-soft fiber made from something called Tencel Sun fabric (which sounds like it was engineered to be straight awesome), this brand offers stylish gear that does double-duty by providing protection from the harsh rays of the sun. Stay cool as hell while looking it too. GET IT HERE.

Thompson Tee

For the bros who sweat it out maybe just a little too much every time it gets above 55 degrees, there’s good news – you can finally wear white shirts again. Thompson Tees block underarm sweat, and prevent wet marks and yellow stains. Gross, dude, but glad you find a solution. GET IT HERE.

OnePiece Original Jumpsuit



Onesies are all about the kid-style comfort of wearing a single piece of clothing, for sure, but OnePiece ups the game by creating something an adult can wear proudly. Soft, lightweight cotton/polyester blend, a fleece-lined soft fabric, and stylish looks make it so. So go on and indulge your lazy spring days with the perfect chill out outfit. GET IT HERE.

Dickies Cooling Crew Tee and Cooling Polo

Dickies Spring 2015 Collection includes this multi-purpose t-shirt featuring UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) defense against the sun, mesh side panels so your pits can breathe easy, moisture wicking to keep you dry, and fabric so soft your lady won’t ever want to stop running her hands over it. Plus, it’s Dickies. GET IT HERE.

My Pakage Boxer Briefs

The name says it all; they care about the health and everyday state of your package. And so, My Pakage has created a silky-soft line of underwear that include an extra sewn-in pocket to give your downstairs bro the room he needs to be comfortable in such typically restrictive surroundings. Do him a favor, won’t you? GET IT HERE.

Ribbed Tee Undershirts

It’s all too often that white undershirts are ill-fitting, scratchy and generally something you’d rather leave in your drawer. But these guys make buttery-soft shirts that feel like you’re wearing a light cloud on a beautiful spring day. Or better yet, nothing at all. GET IT HERE.

Ecōths Odin Short

Eco-friendly status and donations of three meals to U.S. food banks for each garment sold – pretty cool. Shorts that have a relaxed fit and are perfect for springtime chilling? Even cooler. Available in four colors, and made from organic cotton, spandex, and textured fabric, the mighty God Odin maketh a great go-to short for everything from Frisbee tosses to family din-din. GET IT ON ZAPPOS once the spring product line is in.

Free Country Microtech Fleece

Free Country

Free Country

Fairly-priced and beautifully made, Free Country is bringing the fleece back in a big way. Great for cool nights, lounging around, and practically any active lifestyle use (that doesn’t take place in the Siberian tundra). It features tons of pockets, lining for extra warmth, and soft/stretchy material for comfort and durability. And maybe best of all? A soft chin protector on top of the main zipper that mercifully keeps it from poking you in the chin. Get with the program, other jackets. GET IT HERE.

Toren Technical Apparel Fundamental Shell

Lightweight and made tough for mountaineering, but comfortable enough for your everyday trek through whatever Mother Nature conjures up, this goes beyond “windbreaker.” It features three-layer fabric construction for multiple climates; a three-point adjustable hood with shield visor; a protective pocket for your smartphone; a water repellent finish; and waterproof zippers, among other features. You’ve just found your year-round go-to outer shell. GET IT HERE.


Created by a Harvard bro who was searching for “a jacket for your legs,” Bearpants lets you enjoy that lazy Sunday morning feeling whenever you damn well please. Be careful though, their high-quality fleece makes them warm and soft enough that you might just want to hibernate. GET IT HERE.

Bernard Buie SOS Boxer Briefs with Condom Pocket

Are you sexually active? If not at this very moment, do you plan to be sometime soon? Stylish boxer briefs with a built-in, hidden condom pocket (located right beyond the logo) might just be your thing – especially if you’re the forgetful type. GET IT HERE.

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