This ‘Star Wars’-Themed Guitar And Bass Just Gave Me A Nerdgasm


Doni Guitars

Want, want, want, want. The UK custom guitar manufacturer Doni Guitars is making Star Wars-themed guitars and basses with a Millennium Falcon body and they’re SUPER DOPE, if you have $700 to spare for such a novelty. There’s the Han Solo Guitar and the Rebel Bass that are constructed with a plastic Millennium Falcon body. Via Nerdist:

In addition to clever names, the quality of both instruments remains in tact with the store on Etsy confirming that the “guitar produces a wonderful tone and with a half decent amp, you could amaze everyone by conquering all manner of riffs in less than 12 parsecs!” [Editor’s note: Yes, we know that’s wrong.] Doni Guitars also offers a custom flight case for an additional $360 USD. The Han Solo guitar will cost around $715 and the Rebel Bass $793. All of the items ship from Coventry, United Kingdom.

Check ’em out and geek out, Star Wars fans. These are awesome:



Don Guitars

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