Two Bros Invented The World’s First Beer Bong That’s Also A Koozie

Here at BroBible, there’s nothing we love more than bold new innovations for drinking beer. We’re all-in on The Kong, a device that’s exploding on Kickstarter that claims to be “The Worlds First Koozie Beer Bong.” It’s a pretty nifty contraption for all your day-party and tailgating needs, created by two Bros in search of making the beer bong more portable:

 Our experience and research in the party and tailgate scene told us that there are three features which will solve the biggest problems currently holding the beer bong to its original untouched roots. The features we wanted to bring were portability, making the beer bong personal, and taking it from novelty to a long lasting, beer drinking connoisseurs tool.

A koozie that’s a beer bong. It’s the must-have item for living your best life come tailgate season.

BUY IT NOW: $20.00

BUY IT NOW: $20.00

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