Amber Heard Named Woman Of The Year By ‘GQ’ Australia And We Have Absolutely No Problem With That

by 2 years ago
Amber Heard Woman of the Year GQ Australia

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On Thursday, we told you guys that Gal Gadot, much to our delight, had been named “Woman of the Year” for 2017 by GQ and we shared some of her interesting interview, a funny video she shot, as well as some pics they took as part of the honor.

Today, we are happy to inform you that Amber Heard, another soon-to-be star of the DC Comics movie universe, has been named “Woman of the Year” for 2017 by GQ Australia.

That’s right, Australia. The same country that forced Heard and her then-husband Johnny Depp to make an apology video for sneaking their dogs into the country which looked like they were being held hostage.

That bit of irony was not lost on the 31-year-old actress as during her acceptance speech Heard joked that she was accepting her award “on behalf of my dogs?”

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