Ariel Winter Wore A See-Through Dress To A Kids Movie Premiere Because That’s How She Rolls

Ariel Winter, who we have known for years and grown to love for her role on Modern Family, got herself a new gig recently as the voice of Smurflily in the new film Smurfs: The Lost Village.

I tell you this because if you have even a smidgen of a brain in your head you will go nowhere a theater that is playing this film and would otherwise not know that Winter has a part in it.

HOWEVER… that in no way precludes you from seeing the delightful see-through dress that Winter wore to the the Los Angeles premiere of the film. You know, because isn’t that what everyone wears to a kids movie premiere?

Not that I am complaining, nor will you when you see the outfit, it’s just an observation that I will probably never, ever understand fashion.

Eh, doesn’t matter I suppose. If sci-fi movies have taught me anything it’s that we’ll all be wearing the same full-body jumpsuits at some point anyway.

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