Bella Thorne Wearing A Bra For A Top When She Goes Out In Public Is A Good Look For Her

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Bella Thorne has got this whole post-Disney career thing all figured out.

First, you stop working for Disney. Then you go on social media and wear the least amount of clothing possible, but stop just short of getting the ban hammer. Mix in some bikini shoots and maybe a nip-slip and BOOM, you’re the new hotness.

Take for example the outfit Thorne was wearing below as she was out and about doing whatever it is she does. At some point while getting dressed for the day Bella put on her bra and decided, yep, I think I’m done here. Time to hit the town.

It’s genius when you really think about it and hey, it’s working for Ariana Grande and she was only on Nickelodeon.

Just imagine if Bella Thorne had become Disney-famous before social medial. Would anyone even remember who the heck she is right now? Thank goodness we all are alive in the 21st century, huh?


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