HOLY SMOKES Beyonce’s Butt In A Dripping Wet Sheer Black Dress Just Blew My Mind Away

by 4 years ago

Vogue/Mario Testino

For Vogue’s September issue they’ve got Beyonce coverin’ the pages showing off her assets, and by “assets” I mean “her ass.” Like her butt. It’s there. Right there in a sheer black dress! Bum da bum bum bum. Girl is 33 years old and has already popped out one kid but can you tell at all? NOPE. Young as a spring chicken eating a kiddie-sized lunchable while watching cartoons.

Okay, maybe not that young. That would be gross…but she’s definitely looking damn good for pushing 35. No wonder Bey is queen. It’s a wonder she isn’t on Vogue’s cover every month.

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Vogue/Mario Testino