Britney Spears In A Bikini, Laying On The Sand, Showing Off The Goods? Yes, Please

So this marks a ‘BroBible First’ for me: blogging about Britney Spears twice in one day. Actually, this is probably the first time I’ve ever blogged about Britney twice in one month and it just so happens that I’m doing it within an hour or so of the two articles. Earlier today I threw up the video of Britney Spears wearing a skimpy black outfit, breaking into Jimmy Kimmel’s bedroom with the help of Jimmy’s wife, and ‘pranking‘ the shit out of him by giving him a sexy dance in bed which is a ‘prank’ that many men (and women) would spend HUGE sums of money to have happen.

After throwing up that video (link above) I then came across Britney’s Instagram that has been blowing up since yesterday, a clip that shows her in a peach-colored bikini with the flattest stomach we’ve seen on Britney Spears since the year 2000 and a perfectly round butt. She’s laying on the beach, getting crushed by waves, and looking sexier than we’ve seen in a decade. Going back to my point above about never having blogged about Britney even twice in a month I just couldn’t avoid sharing this Instagram clip with you bros because she’s looking that hot, and it’d be a crime to keep this a secret. Also, here are some more sexy pics she’s been sharing recently just for good measure:

Here’s another video in which she shows off her tramp stamp:

And to see that Jimmy Kimmel prank where she breaks into his room to dance all sexy on his bed in the middle of the night you can CLICK HERE.

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