Gronk Wins Even When He’s Injured As His Hot Girlfriend Camille Kostek Has Been Tearing It Up On Instagram

Gronk doesn’t even have to be playing football to win. Though that didn’t stop him from celebrating the Patriots’ big AFC Championship win with his fellow tight ends anyway.

No, what I mean is that even when bro isn’t playing football he is still winning at life because, as you will see, his hot ex-cheerleader girlfriend Camille Kostek has been firing on all cylinders lately over on her Instagram page.

And while I will be sharing some of those photo with you, but first I REALLY have to ask: What in THE HELL is this?

Seriously, what did we just watch right there?

So Gronk.

Now, on to the pics you came here for…

She also seems really excited to be going to the Super Bowl, as she should.

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