Candice Swanepoel Really Wants You To Look At This Picture Of Her Bare Butt

You know how I know Candice Swanepoel really wants you to look at this picture of her bare butt? Because she put it on Instagram, that’s how! You don’t put stuff on Instagram unless you want likes, which logically means that Candice wants you to like THE BUTT and the only way you can do that fairly without prejudice is if you look at it, evaluate it, and then decide in an impartial way whether it deserves your <3 or not.

Unfortunately we’re not allowed to show you THE BUTT here. Why? It’s too nakey for us. We like our women with at least a thong on, and Candice here? Yeah there ain’t no thong. Just THE BUTT.

So if you want to see THE BUTT, click here. If you DON’T want to look at THE BUTT, click here for a gif of a guy sharting on another dude in a shower. Both are wonderful, yet only one gets me frisky…can you guess which it is?