Hot Former Drug Cartel Leader And Hot Detective Pose Naked Together To Promote Peace In Colombia

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Promoting peace is a cause I think all bros can support. And I know that us bros can throw our weight behind two hot chicks posing naked together. But when the two come together, it creates something far more beautiful, perfect almost. And that’s the situation we’re dealing with here.

A former Colombian drug cartel leader and ex-detective who was assigned to investigate her gang have posed naked together all in the name of promoting peace.

promoting peace


According to the Daily Mail, former guerrilla matriarch Ana Pacheco was a senior member of the infamous FARC cartel (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army). Isabel Londono is a former detective from the Colombian state’s Security Department who was tasked with bringing the demise of Pacheco’s drug army. Deductive reasoning suggests that a meeting with these two in the past may have ended in a blood bath. Now, they’re like almost fucking each other in a special issue of controversial magazine Soho.

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Pacheco, who is now a model, expressed her initial hesitation with the concept but conceded that this powerful sign of unity between two perceived ‘enemies’ is a push in the right direction for promoting peace in a drug-riddled country. She told a local radio station:

“It’s been very important for my life, the image is about being at peace, and what’s more beautiful than two women from the opposite sides doing it. It’s time to ask for forgiveness from those I hurt during my time as a guerrilla.”

In a message to the Daily Mail, Londono sounded like she just wanted to get naked.

“At first I was surprised when they asked me to pose with hardly any clothes on with a guerrilla, but I liked the message and we in Colombia are so used to strong images that we needed to do something shocking to reach the people and show them there is a way to peace.”

This is a fantasy I never knew I had.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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