Dylan Penn And Greer Grammer Were The Sexiest Celebrity Offspring At The Golden Globe Festivities

While we got to see one celebrity daughter for pretty much the entire telecast during Sunday night’s Golden Globes, Corinne Foxx, Miss Golden Globes and daughter of Jamie, there were a couple more celebrity offspring hanging around that you might have missed.

Turns out that Kelsey Grammer and Sean Penn’s daughters, Greer Grammer and Dylan Penn, were also in and around the festivities as these photos of them at a couple of the after-parties show them having what appears to be a pretty good time.

Now I don’t know with certainty whether or not the ladies were lucky enough to actually have seats at the shindig, but I am betting that they did considering who their parents are (El Chapo connections notwithstanding).

Grammer was also at one of the pre-parties on Friday and as you can see from the photo below (and as we have mentioned before) she really does know how to dress for the red carpet.

Here she is at the Globes…

And here’s what Dylan Penn was rocking…