Emily Ratajkowski Has No Need For Your Stupid Bras, In Case You Were Wondering

Emily Ratajkowski probably just rolls out of bed looking sexy as hell.

Emily Ratajkowski is one of those rare models that looks as amazing in regular photos as she does in magazines. It’s a true gift. One that she knows that she possesses and takes full advantage of at every possible turn.

Now I am not saying that some of the SUPER HOT Instagram pics we’ve seen haven’t been doctored, but I have seen some candid paparazzi shots of Emily Ratajkowski walking around in this outfit on Thursday and even without all the hair and makeup styling and the fancy lights and cameras this woman is an absolute dime.

It’s just crazy how sexy this woman is… and it’s SO nice that she is willing to share her gift with us as much as she does. Thank you, Emily. Thank you.