Erin Andrews Wants An Astounding Amount Of Money For That Video Of Her That … You Know

Privacy laws in 2015 are much murkier than they were in the clear-cut days before the web and camera phones, but I’m certain all of us agree that someone removing the peephole from your hotel room and filming you naked without you being aware is a gross violation of personal rights.

The question is, how much is that worth? If it were me, probably not much, because my dick ain’t all that grand.

But if you are an attractive, famous personality who pervs of the world rushed to their computers to see you nude when they heard the news? A lot more, obviously.

How much? Erin Andrews is asking for $75 million in a lawsuit she filed against Marriott.

She claims back in 2008 the hotel chain willingly told the video’s filmer, Michael David Barrett, what room she was in, and then placed him in the one next to her.

Worth that much? Who are we to put a price on it? But I’d say yea.

[Via Fox News]