Turns Out The Villainous ‘Waif’ From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Kind Of A Hottie In Real Life

It’s always interesting when an actor or actress you get used to seeing looking a certain way on screen looks nothing like the character they play.

That was certainly the case this past weekend when actress Faye Marsay showed up to Comic-Con looking nothing like the evil Waif that fans saw on Game of Thrones in season seven.

Hard to believe it, but the woman you see above and the one you see below are actually the same person…

Naturally, this revelation stunned many who saw her at Comic-Con…

Guess you never know what’s really hiding underneath those costumes and makeup when it comes to some actors, huh?

Oh yeah, she’s also on Instagram, you know, in case you suddenly want to see more of her for some reason…

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