Life is Not a Game in This Week’s Hottie Index

Kate Upton

There are many reasons we love Kate Upton. Two very specific ones come to mind right away. (Hold on…I’m enjoying that mental picture for a moment.)  She gave us another reason to love her this weekend when she accepted some high schooler’s internet invite to join him as his date to prom. We know the kid won’t get lucky with her, but it’s still a great achievement. The attention he’ll get will make him the biggest badass in school and hopefully it’ll make some of his female classmates jealous.

Vanessa Hudgens

It’s been a week since “Spring Breakers” hit theaters, but the cast is still riding the wave of publicity. It helps when they show up in tight dresses to do a “booty pop,” as Hudgens did on Leno this week. I mean…”good god!” If she can dance like that, just imagine what kind of movement she has in the bedroom. To see what the body looks like without the tight dress, just check out the shoot she did for Paper magazine, which came out this week.

Jennifer Capriati

There was a time before the names Kournikova, Sharapova, and Wozniacki that men used to look at Jennifer Capriati as one of the best looking women in tennis. Oh, how the might have fallen. She was once charged with shoplifting and suffered through an “accidental” overdose, but nothing seems as bad as the recent charges lobbied against her. Her ex-boyfriend is accusing her of stalking and battery. I guess she’s always had a little bit of crazy in her.

Elizabeth Garner

The name might not be familiar to you, but her look is probably familiar to many men in the state of Tennessee. Garner used to be a cheerleader for the Titans back until 2009, but she made more headlines this week than she ever did in that blue uniform. Despite being married, she decided to make a 12-year-old kid's day by seeing what he had hiding at the bottom of his pyramid. The 12-year-old kid, however, didn’t react too well to the situation and went running to tell mom. Somehow I don’t think he’ll be the kind of guy who reads our website when he gets older.

Women of “Game of Thrones” (Maisie Dee, Sahara Knite, and Lena Headley)

We’re less than ten days away from the season premiere of “Game of Thrones” and the excitement keeps building. News broke this week that some of the the girls who play prostitutes on the show, specifically Dee and Knite, know something about having professional sex. It turns out they were expertly cast in their roles because they have a porn past. Then there’s Headley, who’s more of a true actress, but realizes the benefits of sex appeal. Her pics in the recent edition of Esquire gives you a little hint for her wild side. That back tattoo is definitely a bit of a surprise.