Jessica Biel Soaking Wet In A Very Revealing Bikini Is Proof There’s Still Good Left In This World

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Man, remember when Jessica Biel was everywhere? AKA the good old days. Back when she was one of “The Jessica Trifecta” of her, Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson?

Then something happened and she kind of vanished off the map. I don’t know if it was around the time she got married to Justin Timberlake, but whatever the reason we have really, really missed her.

Just to make matters worse, she seemed to disappear right after she finally did a topless scene in that movie Powder Blue (below), which was AWESOME.


New Line Cinema

She even said that she wouldn’t mind getting naked again in a movie.

Sadly, since then she’s been a bunch of films that didn’t really do dick like Total Recall and The A-Team and also had a baby with JT and blehhh

So I was tremendously excited to see that, now at age 34, and after all of that, Jessica Biel can still bring it VERY STRONG in a bikini.

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