Jessica Simpson Showed Off Her Tight Butt And SEXY Stems In Some Hot Booty Shorts

by 5 years ago

Jessica Simpson just keeps getting sexier and sexier.

Jessica Simpson, our favorite former pop star turned often-tipsy billionaire businesswoman, knows that if she wants to move products for her Jessica Simpson Collection during the upcoming holidays there’s no better way to do it than just hire herself to do a little modeling.

Simpson might no longer be the young lady who we’ll never forget wearing Daisy Dukes in the Dukes of Hazzard movie back in the day, but as we’ve seen, even at age 35, she’s still got a killer bikini body.

I mean, look at those legs. Girl definitely works out.

Of course this isn’t the first time Simpson has done her own modeling for her line of clothing. Nope, she’s done it several times before and each time was as wonderful as the last.

This also gives me one more excuse to share this video. Hope you don’t mind.

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