Kaley Cuoco’s Co-Star Jim Parsons Had An A+ Comment About Her Being Shirtless On Instagram

That’s right, like it or not (and MANY of you do not), The Big Bang Theory is back for season number 11. Hard to cancel or quit a show that inexplicably was the most watched show in 2016, I guess.

I wonder if the show would still be on after 10 seasons if they had actually went with their original choice to play Penny, Amanda Walsh, instead of Kaley Cuoco. My guess is that it would not. Just a hunch. I say that pretty much because Kaley Cuoco is awesome.

Who else talks about taking their “golden globes” to the Golden Globes? Or has the guts to admit that her boob job was the “best thing I ever did”? It’s that kind of personality that has made her and, ugh, her show so popular.

One other person that has also had a hand in the show’s success is Sheldon Cooper, I mean Jim Parsons. He’s so damn popular that his character is getting it’s own spin-off. And that too is because he has such a great sense of humor, which was put on display when Cuoco decided to post a photo of herself not wearing a shirt on Instagram Wednesday night.

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Parsons’ comment?

kaley cuoco shirtless instagram pic jim parsons comment

Kaley Cuoco, Instagram

Yes, missy, where is your shirt?

I definitely think the producers of The Big Bang Theory made the right choice when they went with Cuoco, don’t you?

Since this is the first time in all of 2017 that we’ve checked in with Cuoco on Instagram (sorry), let’s see what else she’s been up to on there this year…


All right, that’s enough. Sooo many horse and boyfriend pictures. And how am I just now learning about this tattoo on her back?