Katherine Webb Dropped Another SIZZLING HOT Bikini Modeling Pic That’s Just… WOW

Katherine Webb has got this bikini-wearing thing all figured out.

In case you forgot, Katherine Webb is OFFICIALLY a model now. We saw her first effort a little over a month ago and were BLOWN AWAY by how sexy she looked in a bikini.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon and BOOM, Katherine Webb shared another photo that shows she’s DEFINITELY got what it takes to make it in this whole business of modeling sexy clothing.

Pffft… As if there was any doubt that the former Miss Alabama wouldn’t be good at it. DO NOT EVER DOUBT BRENT MUSBURGER’S INSTINCTS!

Not sure what the hamburger, french fries and football emojis are for, but they do go well with bikinis so whatever.

Oh. Here is that previous bikini pic I mentioned. So hot.

Webb also posted this throwback from 2013 when she was literally blowing up the Internet.

Good times…