Disney Hottie Kelli Berglund Took Some Provocative New Pics That Would Probably Be Rated TV-MA

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Kelli Berlgund doesn’t turn 21 until February 9th of 2017, but much like many, MANY Disney stars before her she hasn’t wasted any time turning on the sex appeal.

The Lab Rats hottie has been acting for 10 years now so she knows how this business works. Get yourself a role on a kids show, dial up the sexy stuff as you approach 21, maybe get yourself arrested for doing something stupid, you know, the entire Disney playbook.

What Berglund has done differently than most of the others, however, is that she started doing WHILE still starring on a Disney TV show. Almost all of those who came before her did it AFTERWARDS.

Like I said, she’s been doing this for 10 years now and has got this ish all figured out.

Take for example this new photo shoot she just did for something called Bello magazine.

Pretty sure these first two photos aren’t something she’ll be wearing on Disney XD any time soon…

& a shoutout to @stylelvr who killed me w his genius💀 | @bellomag

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Problematic | @bellomag

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