The Kim Kardashian Nude Photo Shoot For ‘Love’ Magazine Has Finally Arrived

by 4 years ago
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Kim Kardashian, Instagram

After one “leaked” picture after another the Kim Kardashian nude photo shoot for Love magazine has finally been released.

And while we can’t show you the full-on Kim Kardashian nude pictures, here’s a small taste of what you can expect and a link to where you can see the uncensored spread, as it were.

In the interview with Love magazine, as if anyone will be reading that, Kim Kardashian talks about her infamous sex tape, her sister Kendall Jenner’s modeling career, her husband Kanye West, the changes her step-dad Bruce Jenner is going through, and how her life is much more different than public perception. You know, in case you give a shit about all that.

Check out the uncensored versions of the Kim Kardashian’s naked pictures and more, along with her full interview here.

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