Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, And Bella Hadid Are At The Beach Taking Bikini Booty Pics

Sup, dudes? How ’bout some booty shots of reality TV show stars you don’t really care about, yet know of? If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re a thirsty AF dude and you clicking on this link is normal behavior for a thirsty AF dude.

While you’re here admirer some celebrity booty, may I suggest to you a post I spent the last week of my life writing? It’s about Hunter S. Thompson and Ernest Hemingway, two badass motherfuckers. . It’s for all those people who complain about BroBible being for pussies or whatever it is people bitch about on the Facebook comments.

Maybe — just maybe — if you clicked on posts that weren’t just celebrity Instagram pics once and while, you’d find what you’re looking for.

Then again, if this…


…Is all you’re looking for, we appreciate your continued patronage of BroBible dot com, circa 2008. 

Enjoy the booty pics of Kylie, Kendall, and Bella, Bros. Just don’t act like you’re above it because if you’ve read this far, you’re clearly not.

(…blink twice if you even read a single thing I wrote..Bueller? Bueller? Buellerrrrrr?.)

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