Need Further Proof Lindsay Lohan Has No Taste? She Won’t Do An Ad For Burger King Chicken Fries



Fast food joints may be struggling to retain customers as our nation shifts to a much healthier diet, yet there are still items that make us at-heart fatties’ mouths do the fatty mouth tingle when they are mentioned.

McDonald’s hash browns. Wendy’s Frosty. And Burger King chicken fries.

Damn Burger King chicken fries are fucking good. I can eat those whenever. Used to get a nine pack in college twice a week. Dipped ’em in ranch.

You don’t need to sell me on them, but taking a page out of the Carl’s Jr. playbook, it seems BK wants to use sexy women to push their chicken fries. Hey, we’re simple dudes. It’ll probably work.

Tasty, hot. What more do I want?

But the King won’t be getting their first choice. They wanted Queen Lindsay Lohan. She said no. Page Six with the news.

Lindsay Lohan isn’t being deluged with starring roles in Hollywood blockbusters — but she still has enough pride to turn down a … Burger King commercial.

The flame-haired actress was asked to wear a Spicy Chicken Fries box, smoke a chicken fry like a cigarette, and vamp a “spicy” monologue.

Dammit, Lindsay, don’t you know what is and isn’t good? Chicken fries are good. Do this ad. Sure, the idea seems insane at face value, but who would have thought the sound of a burger plopping down on the floor would have done wonders for Nina Agdal’s career?

Come on, Lindsay.

[H/T Complex]

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