Here’s Miley Cyrus Making Out With A Hot Girl At A Los Angeles Party Because Why Not

Earlier this week news broke that Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger had ended their relationship, and we were left with a slew of questions:

Is true love dead?
Will Miley ever find love?
Will I ever find love?
What am I doing with my life that’s caused me to give a shit what Miley Cyrus is doing on a daily basis?

Too many questions too little time, but at least we sorta-maybe have an answer to the second one:

Miley Cyrus might find love, although it probably isn’t with model Frankie Rayder even though the two made out at a party in Los Angeles last night.

According to Mirror, the photo was shared by fashion photographer Mert Alas, who’s also shared other snaps of Miley in various stages of undress. Mostly just boob shots, because y’know…Miley Cyrus is all about freeing nipples these days.

[Images via Instagram and Shutterstock, H/T Mirror]