Naya Rivera Wins The Award For ‘The Best Costume Designed To Get You To Look At Her Butt’

So we’ve got another Halloween in the books and near as I can tell only ONE celebrity managed to offend everyone. Pretty good job, guys!

Also, as usual, there was no shortage of super sexy Halloween costumes worn by some of our favorite people. Once again well done, everyone!

Top prize, however, for wearing a costume in which the most obvious point of it was so that people would look at her butt goes to one Naya Rivera.

Don’t believe that is the reason for her costume? Then I present a photo and a GIF that Naya shared to her Instagram page as evidence…

Now here she is in motion…

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Rivera once said that getting breast implants was the best $8K she ever spent. Whatever she spent on this costume was also very well worth what ever it cost as well.

As a little added bonus for you, here’s another little look around the globe at some of the rest of what various sexy celebs were wearing on Halloween night…

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