Nina Dobrev Stripped Down To VERY LITTLE Clothing And For That We Are Very Thankful Today

As I have said many times before, I am convinced that Nina Dobrev would be one of the best celebrity girlfriends in the world.

She likes to show off her butt. She likes to go on slip-n-slides in bikinis. She likes boating, in a bikini. She has hot friends. She’s freaky flexible. And she pounds beers like a champ. Dream girl…

Speaking of showing off her butt, Dobrev is this year’s model for Men’s Health’s annual tech guide.

What Nina Dobrev showing off her butt in various swimsuits and such, as well as sexy cleavage in other hot outfits has to do with tech I have no freaking idea. All I know is that if it wasn’t for her doing these things I wouldn’t even know their tech guide existed.

Ohhh, I think I just figured out the connection. Silly me.

Anyway, you ready? Hope you have a drool cup handy…

Here are those last two pics in motion… giggity…

Nice top.


Wow again.

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