Paris Hilton Wants To Make ABSOLUTELY Sure That Everyone Knows She Has Bigger Breasts Now

Paris Hilton has something she’d like to show you.

Despite our on-going investigation we still haven’t determined with 100% certainty whether or not Paris Hilton’s suddenly larger breasts are a work of plastic surgery or just one hell of an amazing bra.

This is something that Paris Hilton is apparently aware of or else why would she keep posting photos like this one she just dropped a little bit ago?

I don’t care what her hashtag says there either. We’ve done side-by-side comparisons, not once, but twice, between old Paris Hilton and this new Paris Hilton. She may, in fact, be wearing a push-up bra, as she states, but there’s a whole lot more there to “push up” than ever before.



The jury may still be out on this issue, but I think we’re nearing a decision. We just may have to examine the evidence a few more times to be certain.