This Playboy Model Posting A Picture Of A Naked Woman In Her Gym Locker Room Was Probably A Regrettable Decision

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Yesterday I posted about chicks sharing pictures of their armpit hair on social media in an effort to end body shaming. My message was basically that I was confused about the prevalence of body shaming in society. I know magazines set unrealistic standards for women by photoshopping every ounce of fat off their models, but I think I’m in good company when I say the common man understands this gimmick and appreciates perceived “imperfections” anyway. I’ve never expected or even encouraged past lovers to work toward the “ideal” partly because its not my steez and partly because my body is shaped like an ice cream sandwich. I don’t know, this may also be because I don’t have any standards. But that’s a story for a different day.

Well today I logged onto the internets and saw what Dani Mathers, a 29-year-old Playboy model and 2015 “Playmate Of The Year,” had posted and now I’m completely in the know. Mathers pissed off a whole lotta people after she posted a Snapchat of a woman who had just come out of the shower her gym, LA Fitness in Universal City, California.

She captioned the below photo with, “If I can’t unsee this, then you can’t either.”

Mathers quickly deleted the snap and posted a follow up one claiming that it was “part of a personal conversation with a girlfriend” and accidentally uploaded it.

Solid excuse, not buying it though. Dani you thought you were making a harmless funny gag but neglected to register that you were doing the work of a criminal. I’ve seen the ball sacks of old men drag on the floor of my locker room gym, and ya I chuckle to myself, but I understand that snapping a photo of them is not only a complete invasion of privacy, but its flat out creepy. I once saw a guy whose pubes looked like they hadn’t been trimmed since Nixon was President. Legit looked like Lenny Kravitz lived in his stomach. Was I tempted to share this phenomenon with the masses? Sure. But, contrary to popular belief, I have a shred of integrity. Unfortunately, I didn’t need to take a picture because that image will live in my brain forever.

Mathers tried to make it right by taking to Twitter to apologize profusely to her 75,000 Twitter followers.

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